"Hello! Wanted you to know how much I love your product. I smile every time I see my machines. And the comments from folks visiting my studio or checking out my machine in a class makes it even that much more fun." - Sue

We now have MIRROR IMAGE of every design.

Have you ever wanted to have the design match on both sides of your machine? Now you can, just order the mirror image design! Click here.

Quiltastick fixes the problem that has been on everyone’s mind for years. These quilting machines are just not pretty! Lately companies have started offering different paint colors, and some people even offer custom paint jobs. All these require machine downtime or additional finances. Quiltastick can be installed easily in minutes and dresses up your machine with no downtime. Select from our current designs or tell us what designs you would like to see.

Our decals are made of outdoor grade vinyl and have a permanent (but removable) adhesive. Each decal is made when you order them so it will take about a week to have them delivered.

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